Let the journey begin … Like ABC

By Suzi The Icon Cosmetic Clinic

You know when you have that “Ah Ha” moment and you realise that you have discovered something that was not on your radar or not even a thought. That’s what happened to me with skincare. Not just any old skincare but Medical grade skincare. So my journey started 12 months ago whilst doing research for The Icon Cosmetic Clinic. I knew that good skincare was important for the Clinic and to be honest I didn’t think I was the best person to be choosing a skincare range. l didn’t have a clue, I was using supermarket skincare, never used a serum and was not that bothered by what I was putting on my face. Well let’s just say the journey from start to finish has been mined blowing! Heard a lot about ABC … what is ABC? I had no clue… the holy grail of serums I am told…. reps were throwing around all these foreign words that I had never heard of before and really should come with a booklet explaining their meanings (let’s just say I used google a lot ).

What I did grasp early on is that a skincare routine should be simple, effective, do exactly what is claimed , not complicated and not have you stand at the bathroom mirror slapping on 10 difference serums and creams before bed and in the morning. So, the trialling began, after many products I chose Aspect Doctor! started with a starter kit, which includes the essentials, and off I went. To say that I liked it was an understatement! LOVED IT… loved the changes in my skin … my skin for the first time in years was not dry, it had a glow about it that was obvious and now realise that you can tell who is on medical grade skincare …. ! even loved the routine, it was as easy as 1, 2 3. 1. Cleanse, 2. Serum and 3. Moisturiser. The ritual was a pleasure as I knew that each day my skin was looking better and better.

I became obsessive with converting my family onto this amazing skincare … most didn’t need convincing as the results were obvious and all were happy to try …. Mum was a different kettle of fish …. she had been using Ponds cream for all her life and was very happy with it and wasn’t keen to try … so for Mother’s day … Yes you guessed it .. She got an Aspect Dr starter kit…Well as I expected she was hooked and couldn’t believe at her age (her words, not mine) that her skin could improve by a skincare range. So back to my “Ah Ha” moment … or moments … ! have had so many of these in the past year … Medical Grade skincare that is tailored to your skin is the bomb … lt has changed my skin and if you happen to be one of my family members or my friend … then you know what you are getting for your birthday.

So, when you visit us at The Icon Cosmetic Clinic, do not be alarmed by my passion for this amazing product! Just know that I want you to experience this amazing skincare and knowing that next time I see you. you will have that tell-tale glow that you get from using medical grade skincare … Now that will make me happy!