Anti-Wrinkle Injections Newcastle

As we age, factors such as stress, gravity, smoking and overexposure to the sun can all affect our appearance.

Anti Wrinkle treatment is one of our most requested treatments as it is a simple, safe and effective way to improve fine lines and deep wrinkles on the face. They work to relax facial muscles making lines and wrinkles, such as worry lines, crow’s feet and frown lines, less obvious. The result is a softer, younger and more rejuvenated appearance.

At The Icon we use the tiniest needles possible to inject small amounts of anti-wrinkle solutions into the muscles to relax, soften and smooth out your skin. This cosmetic procedure is relatively painless, leaves no scars, and has no downtime.

Product D $5.00 and product B $13.00 with Dr Ann Koshy

Product D $4.00 and Product B $12.00 with Nurse

1 unit of product B is equivalent in strength to 2.5 units of product D


Here’s what supplements you’ll ideally need to STOP taking for the week before you get Cosmetic Injections (Facial Filler Injections).

  • fish oil
  • vitamin e supplements
  • anti-inflammatory medications such as Nurofen

Our Common Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Areas

common anti wrinkle treatment areas

Crows Feet

Tiny wrinkles and fine lines that appear around the outer corner of the eyes also known as laugh lines

Prices start from $160


A tell tale sign of aging, forehead lines run horizontally across the forehead

Prices start from $100

Frown Lines

These vertical lines run between your eyebrows, making them look furrowed all the time

Prices start from $200

Eyebrow Lift

Lifting the eyebrow to create an open-eye effect and reduce hooding

Price $99

Gummy Smile

Love your smile and reduce the amount of upper gums you and others see


Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Eliminate excessive underarm sweat with this simple treatment

Prices start from $900
Other areas available on consultation

Bunny Lines

A tiny crinkle in the nose that appears when you laugh or smile

Prices start from $80

Mental Crease

Horizontal lines on the chin

Prices start from $80

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